TI6 EU Qualifiers: Team Secret advance to the Main Event

June 27, 2016 | 0 | 1384

After two days of fighting, Team Secret secured a spot for the TI6 Main Event while the other four teams: Fantastic Five, Escape Gaming, Ad Finem and Alliance will duke out in a Bo3 Playoffs that will culminate with a Bo5 Final. Team Secret emerged victorious after a decisive three way tie-breaker versus Escape Gaming and Fantastic Five, ultimately qualifying for and invite at The International 6 Main Event which will be held on the 8th of August, in Seattle.

Team Secret has become the first EU team to head for the Main Event after a great run through the Open and Regional Qualifiers!

Team Secret managed to overpower Team Empire in the scheduled matches and was preparing for a three way tie-breaker with Escape Gaming and Fantastic Five.

The first match-up was Escape Gaming vs Team Secret, a match-up completely controlled by Team Secret despite Escape’’s efforts. Even the most advantageous ganks and initiations from Escape ended up in bloodbath for the team as Team Secret was always on point, standing among the fallen heroes that used to compose Escape’s line-up with only KheZu’’s Timbersaw left to witness the aftermath of each fight.

Second game proved to be a more balanced match, as Fantastic Five stood their ground in an admirable effort against the European stack. A match of continuous back and forth engagements kept the viewers at the edge of their seats as both teams were capable of swinging the game in their favor, one fight at a time. In the end Team Secret’’s constant smoke-gank pressure and stellar focus on certain heroes was the deciding factor that led to their ultimate victory.


Team Secret now sits among the six invited teams that will compete on the 8th of August, for in the ultimate Dota 2 competion, The International 6! Despite a roster lock violation, the european team heads to Seattle where their meet their brothers in crime, EG and only time will tell if this roster was a good move after all.

TI6 EU Qualifiers format


The format for the TI6 Regional Qualifiers are different this year to accommodate having two regional spots advance to the TI6 main event and one regional team advance to the TI6 Wild Card series.

Group Stage


  • 10 teams in one group, played in a round-robin format for EU
  • Eight invited teams for EU
  • Two teams qualified through the Open Qualifiers
  • All matches are played best-of-one
  • The top team qualifies to The International 2016
  • Second through fifth place teams advance to the Playoffs




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