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As we all know, betting on eSports is becoming more and more popular every single day. Nearly every major betting website has an eSports section and even people who usually just bet on regular sports are starting to get involved in the unlimited potential of the Pro Gaming scene. 

Wether it’s Dota 2, CS:GO, League of legends, your favorite game can earn you some extra cash if you have the proper approach to it. We at Esports betting tips are trying to deliver you with daily updates on all the notable eSports news for every major game, as well as doing live predictions for every game.

Keep in mind that there are people who have just started getting involved in online betting so we’ve decided to give some tips which might be useful for experienced and newbies alike.

Understand the game that you are interested in

This is surely the most important tip.

Wether you decide to bet on Dota, League or any other game for that matter, you have to do your research on the game itself, how it’s played (mainly the mechanics but also a lot more) and so on. This can be achieved either by reading our daily updated news, watch videos or even have a chat with your gamer friend – all of these methods will help you become familiar with what you’ll be putting your money on. Also most RTS games could be really overwhelming for people who encounter them for the first time, you need to know what is happening in-game in order to understand why certain odds higher or lower in a certain situation.

Always be sure to take the bets odds

This goes for any sport that you want to bet on, including eSports. If you believe that your favorite team will surely win a game and you see an odd of 1.7 don’t stop there! Try to search another betting website and check their odds, because you might find better odds somewhere else. Even a small increase of, lets say, 1.75 could make a big difference which can increase the overall value of your bet. For this reason, we recommend you to have several accounts with different betting websites like market leads betway or Arcanbet, so that you can follow, monitor and decide which odds are the best for you.

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Be familiar with the pro scene of the specific game

Research, research, and more research. Do not bet on a team to win just because you think that their name is cool or you’ve heard your friends to talk about them. There are many other websites and platforms that allow you to have a detailed look at all the players, teams and more, which will surely help you to get involved more into it. This is probably one of the most common mistakes that people do.

Once you get more familiar with what your doing, you will start to notice things like injuries (yes, even in eSports there are injuries, fortunately not as common as in other sports), substitutes, having an uncomfortable opponent and so on.  If you want to find true betting value, you need to see things that others aren’t seeing.

Play the game that you bet on

This tip is pretty straightforward – once you starting (if have not started yet) playing the game that you bet on, you will SURELY improve your betting success. You can experience the situations and the different scenarios first hand and this will help you improve your decision wether to bet on a certain situation that is happening in the game.

For example – in a Dota 2 game, team A manages to kill the two core heroes of team B, leaving Roshan unguarded. In some live betting websites you will surely find a question regarding which team will kill Roshan first, so when you know that team B has lost their core heroes, you could assume that team A will most likely be the killers of Roshan and thus you can safely bet your money for them. This game knowledge can surely be achieved faster by just playing the same game that you bet on.


Watch out for roster changes

Much like football, roster changes are a common thing among eSports teams. The team that you once liked and followed might not have the same players like six or seven months ago, so always be sure check that before you place your bet.

When new players join a team it will take a while for them to fit into the team’s playstyle, tactics and so on. That’s why it is not advisable to avoid betting on the side who have recently made a roster change. Observe how they develop and how the change affects their form first, before you rush. Roster changes can sometimes be a bit tricky to deal with, because you will often see a “star” player going into another team, but even the best players need time to adjust.

For this reason, do not to rush and assume that the team will perform well,  because most of the time this is not the case.

Final thoughts

I have tried to cover most of the basics for eSports bettings in this article, however there are surely more that I have missed-out. If we have to summarize the entire article into one sentence I`d say “Know what you are doing, before placing your money on it. “ I hope that this will be useful for someone out there.

Let us know if you what other tips can you suggest for your fellow eSports lovers. Leave your suggestions in the comments.

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