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Excitement starts to build around the upcoming MDL Changsha Major, which will be held in the wonderful city of Changsha. In this article, I reveal the top bets for this event.

The competition for the top eight spots in the official ranked leader board gets more fierce every single day. The games between the top teams are becoming harder to predict, because the gap between them is getting smaller and smaller. This can cause confusion when it comes to betting because the “gamble” element is just way too big. That’s why we’ve decided to help you out, if you’re still uncertain on whom to place your money on.

Tier one winners


The SEA Powerhouse are definitely one of the teams to be on the lookout. They recently made history by winning DAC and becoming the first ever team from South East Asia to win a Valve event. Despite that, their EPICENTER XL performance was not the best. The team got eliminated in the lower bracket by Virtus.Pro. Mineski had a bad run which forced them to go into the lower bracket directly from the group stage.

Regardless of that, they need a good finish in this event in order to secure themselves that top eight placing in the official lead board. That’s why we believe that they are a potential hidden favorite, but will most surely secure themselves a top four finish.


The Chinese squad is surely one of the teams to be on the lookout for. In a game where a team is as good as its previous game, PSG.LGD the heavy favorites coming into this event. They completely destroyed their opponents at the EPICENTER XL, proving the world that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Their overall play style has been the same for pretty much their entire existence – they always try to secure their midlaner – Maybe , so that he can carry his later on in the game. The current meta allows for some heroes, such as Storm Spirit for example, to be able to pretty much solo carry the game. That’s why we would often see FY roaming around the mid lane when Maybe is playing such heroes.

One of the biggest pluses from EPICENTER was the fact that their carry player – Ame – has finally stepped up his game. He was previously critisized by many of the commentators about his limited hero pool and overall skills. However, he completely proved everyone wrong with his amazing Slark.
In the face of PSG.LDG you have a strong contender for the first place. Even if they fail to become first, a top three finish is nearly guaranteed.


The biggest sensations of the GESC: Thailand is surely VGJ.Storm. They literally came out of nowhere and stomped their competition. In our predictions about the event we have mentioned that they are worthy, but no one expected them to be able to win in an event where teams such as Team Secret, Fnatic and EG were playing. Despite all odds, here we are just few days after their incredible victory.

We would like to believe that this will not be a “one time deal” but at this point it’s hard to predict if the team can repeat their performance in this Major. That’s why we would advice you to be extra careful if you decide to go with them as your winner. However, a top five finish might be possible if they bring their A game again. The competition here is a lot more fierce compared to the Minor, which should be taken into account.

Tier two winners

Team Secret

As much as we would like to add Team Secret to the tier one winners, they recent performance is just not as good as it used to be. Team Secret are now just a mere shadow of their former glory. They were considered to be one of the best teams in the world at one point in time but they have been constantly failing after that. Despite that, they are sitting comfortable in the leader board, which means a direct invite for TI 8 is certain. The problem is that if they want to even be able to compete with the “hottest” team nowadays they really need to step up their game.

Judging by their recent performance, Team Secret could potentially be a factor in this tournament, but the reality is probably a top five finish.

Vici Gaming

Vici Gaming are also in the tier two winners “bracket”, mainly because of ther inconsistency. They just feel like a different team in each tournament that they play in. As MinD_ContRoL once said, sometimes they just come out of nowhere and completely demolish their opponents, while in some other events they are just as a “filler”.

If Vici bring their best performance here, they are surely going to get a top three finish at least. However, the level of uncertainty is too damn high, which makes them a pure gamble.


Similar to Team Secret, Newbee’s recent performance has made them a questionable team with it comes down to betting. The Chinese dota 2 scene is looking better compared to before and Newbee have a huge role in it.

Unlike Team Secret, Newbee are still far from being safe in the top eight ranking. They are currently sixth, just few points ahead of Vici Gaming. This means that there is a chance of them missing out on that direct invite, which will surely be devastating for them and their fans.

Having such motivation could be all the difference that they need, because we have seen Newbee when they bring their A game and they are definitely capable of winning against all of the top teams.


The “tier one and tier two winners” are just our opinion about the teams capabilities of winning the event. They are by no means a measurement for their skills. We would advice you to keep an eye and watch as many live games as possible in order to get the maximum out of your bets.

Who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments down below.

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