Twitch Day: The Celebration of a Successful Partnership

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Twitch signed an exclusive broadcasting deal worth $90 million with the Overwatch League for the first two years. By their own admission, the average viewership in the Overwatch League has far exceeded their expectations. Being partners in the first few seasons, we see new features on the Overwatch League twitch channel regularly.

As we continue through Week 2 of Stage 3, Twitch has announced a special event called ‘Twitch Day’. It is a day for celebrating the partnership between Twitch and the Overwatch League. The Overwatch League has been a rousing success with an average of 100,000 viewers per match. The League constantly puts out new content on their website, their social media and Youtube channels. The Overwatch League talent is involved in the creation of several shows talking about and analyzing the league.

Twitch Day

The Twitch Day is a celebratory day for the Overwatch League – Twitch partnership. April 14th will provide special gifts to viewers as well as attendees live at the venue. The Overwatch league is held at the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles. Attendees will have access to Special Twitch Swag as well as meet and greet with the players.  

Justin Dellario, Twitch’s head of esports program had this to say about Twitch Day:

Since Twitch is home to so many dedicated Overwatch fans, our Twitch Day at the Overwatch League event was designed to give them a chance to show off their love for the game IRL. And for those who can’t attend in person, pass-holders of the All-Access Pass program can show off their love of the game in chat from the comfort of home.

Fans will also be able to buy special signs to hold up in the audience. Overwatch League Twitch streams regularly see innovative signs and posters being shown in the audience. There is also content available for fans not able to make it to the venue. Online viewers will receive double League tokens for watching the Overwatch League matches. League tokens were introduced a few weeks ago in order to lure viewers to watch the OWL matches. These tokens can be traded for in-game skins or bought within the game. They sell for $5 per 100 tokens within the game. A skin of your choice can be bought for 100 tokens within the game.

The All Access Pass

All Access Pass
All Access Pass gives gets you exclusive access to Post Match Interviews, Player AMA etc

Twitch has also launched the All Access Pass, which is a special subscription feature exclusive to the Overwatch league. The All Access Pass costs $29.99 ($19.99 with Twitch Prime for a limited period), and in turn, it unlocks several rewards on the official stream.

Most of the announcements for the All-Access Pass rewards will be done on Twitch day live at the Arena. The All Access pass grants viewers the ability to access extra content such as more angles from the Command Center, Post-Match Interviews, Map Breakdowns by top players as well as exclusive videos of pro players. The pass also offers regular subscription perks such as Bonus emotes and badges within the twitch chat. In a promotional offer, most of the All Access perks are available to everyone for free until April 15th.

Overwatch league chat All Access Pass
All Access Pass gives you exclusive Emotes and badges for use in the OWL Chat

Further announcements for tomorrow include the ultimate collector’s bundle for Overwatch fans, letting them show off their love of all things Overwatch and unlock exclusive rewards. They also receive access to a pass-holder only Chat room within the OWL Twitch channel. This is a room exclusive to pass-holders where the chat is legible and slower than regular Twitch chat.

OWL Exclusive In Game Sprays
Pass-Holders will receive exclusive in-game sprays

Fans will also receive a T-shirt at the venue on April 14th. They will also get a chance to meet well-known members in the Overwatch Community such as Harbleu, Datto as well as the London Spitfire team.

Twitch Continues Dominating Presence in Esports

Twitch has been involved in several esports titles and events since a long time. They have enabled the success of many tournaments and titles by their presence. Their support and partnership with the Overwatch League is important to the success of the League.

With the All-Access Pass, you’ll unlock early access to in-game skins and sprays, global emotes and chat badges to rep in Twitch chat, and insider access to pro players and teams. Become a Passholder today and save $10 with Prime on our introductory deal*. Once you’re in, here’s a breakdown of everything coming your way.


Exclusive Player AMAs, Post-match interviews as well as the All Access pass are a very innovative way of keeping your viewers engaged. Interaction amongst viewership is gaining a lot of importance especially with other streaming services offering viewer interaction features as their selling point.

The matches for April 14th start off at 13:00 PDT with a match between London Spitfire and Philadelphia Fusion.


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