Two new Minor events for the DPC Season/VP won the Major

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New Minors

The Dota 2 Pro Circuit season is now live and we have already started witnessing the road to The International 9. Having said that, Valve have just confirmed two new Minors.

The first of them will be Dota Pit, which will be coming in April 2019. The event will be held in the Spaladium Arena in Split, Croatia.As with all Minors this season, the teams will be able to qualify through Regional Qualifiers. While these dates are not yet confirmed, it is likely that they will be in the beginning of April.


The next Minor that has been confirmed is going to be a StarLadder and ImbaTV Minor. This Minor will take place in June 2019 and will be held in Ukraine. Similar to Dota Pit, the Regional Qualifiers will be the way for teams to get into this event.

There is still only one Minor left that has to be announced and it will be held in March 2019.

Virtus.Pro is the winner of the Kuala Lumpur Major

The first Major of the new Pro Circuit took place in the capital of Malaysia and it featured the best teams in the world.

In the end, only two teams managed to get to the Grand Finals – Team Secret and Virtus.Pro. Both of them are considered to be one of the best in the world, so it was no surprise that they were the finalist. They have different stats and hero pools, which also adds up to the excitement of the clash.

An Epic Final

As with many epic finals, we saw five games of high quality dota. There were many amazing comebacks, however, in the end VP managed to overcome their enemies.

In the first game, Virtus.Pro did a pretty interesting draft. No[o]ne was given Storm Spirit, which is one of his best heroes. After some crucial kills, VP were able to seize the moment and won the first game in the final.

The second game started similar to the first one. However, Team Secret got the two “bugs” that completely demolished VP – Broodmother and Weaver. The support Weaver from YapzOr played absolutely flawless and ultimately gave Secret the win.

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Game three made VP play a little bit safer and they went with a TB pick for Ramzess. Despite having a good game, MidOne’s Zeus combined with the Phantom Lancer proved to be stronger and the game went in Secret’s favor.

Having their backs against the wall, Virtus.Pro picked their most comfortable heroes. The OD of No[o]ne and the Terrorblade played by Ramzess played a flawless game and managed to bring the epic final to a game five.

Game five saw two interesting picks for Secret – Necro and Timbersaw. VP on the other hand decided to play it safe and got Magnus and Terroblade. The game went back and forth for a while but in the end VP were the winners.

Final Thoughts

VP have an amazing start in the new Pro Circuit Season. They did the same last year and were the first team to secure their spot for TI 8. Having said that, there are still many events to come.

The next Pro Circuit event is scheduled for January and it will take place in Romania. Make sure to follow our predictions and news, because they can help you with your bets.

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