Two teams are out of the MDL Disneyland Paris Major

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MDL Disneyland Paris Major

Today was the third day of one of the most interesting Majors of this DPC season.

The playoffs began earlier today with the Upper Bracket, followed by the deadly best-of-one eliminations in the Lower Bracket.

MDL Disneyland Paris Today

Team Secret vs PSG.LGD

As expected, this was one of the most interesting series in the event so far. In game one, Puppey and his team-mates completely out drafted their Chinese enemies. Having that Drow + Morphling seems a bit too strong right now and even though LGD tried, they were unable to deal with the huge pressure by the two cores.

With their backs against the wall, PSG.LGD picked themselves up and dust themselves off. Several team-fights when in their favor, which gave Maybe’s Storm Spirit a huge advantage. Having pretty much no counters, he completely ripped through the enemies lineup, forcing the series into a game three.

However, despite their efforts, Team Secret showed a very dominant performance in the third decisive game. They continue to prove why are they considered the best team in the world.

VP vs OG

This is undoubtedly the biggest surprise in this Major so far. Not only did OG won 2-0 but they did it in a pretty dominating way, giving the CIS powerhouse pretty much no chances.

Game one was even for the most part. However, after a very bad fight for VP, OG got full control of the game. Their Drow Ranger was having his A-game yet again and was one of the main reasons for the success.

Game two was pretty much a brutal beatdown. The TI 8 champions completely demolished their enemies, even though they had a somewhat defensive line-up. This gave them a lot of trouble in the early team fights, something which OG utilized perfectly. They needed just 19 minutes to secure the win and to advance further.

If they continue to dominate like this, betting on them might be a very good idea. Keep a close eye on their next games because the odds for the TI champion are pretty high right now.

Lower Bracket

The first team that got eliminated is beastcoast. EE’s squad was unable to deal with complexity gaming in the North American battle. The game was very even during its early stages but as it went on, CoL were just outmanoeuvring their enemies. After yet again another bad team fight for BC, complexity were able to deliver their knock-out punch.

The next enemy ahead of them will be PSG.LGD.

The second deadly best-of-one was between Sea powerhouse and Team Empire. The CIS team was definitely the underdog here and as expected, they were unable to deal with Mineski. Despite that, they definitely did not go down without a fight. Nothing really happened during the early minutes of the game. However, as soon as Mineski got a few items under their belt, things started to change. They needed just 23 minutes to deal with their enemies.

The next challenge ahead of them is going to be yet another CIS team. However, this time it will definitely be harder because VP won’t want to be eliminated.

Be sure to watch the other remaining series in this Major. As you can see, there are many good odds that you can take advantage of.

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