How Does Riot Games’ Valorant Compare to CSGO

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Riot Games has unveiled more details of their upcoming FPS shooter game, now titled Valorant.

Riot Games announced several new titles during its tenth-anniversary event in October 2019. Project A, a tactical FPS game, caught the attention of several games for its similarities to Valve’s CS:GO and Blizzard’s Overwatch. The game now has an official website and is officially named Valorant.

What is Valorant?

Valorant is Riot Game’s 5v5 character-based tactical shooter game. It is the first new Riot Games IP outside of League of Legends and also their first foray into the first-person shooter segment.

There are smaller differences in the game, such as three bomb-sites, 128 tick servers in Valorant. With Riot Gaming supporting the game, Valorant will have a bright future and a massive player base. However, it is too early to judge the game with just a few minutes of gameplay footage available. 

How Does Valorant Compare To CS:GO and Overwatch?

Valorant has several similarities to Valve’s CS:GO and Overwatch, borrowing heavily from these two games. Like CS:GO, Valorant is primarily a First-person shooter game, and has a heavy focus on tactics and positioning. 

Players need to buy their abilities before the start of the round. These abilities are limited and depend on what players buy. Using an economic system similar to Valve’s CS:GO is a smart move by Riot Games as it helps them provide some balance to the Overwatch-like game. Players will only have one opportunity to choose an agent and cannot change their choice after the match has started. 

Shooting in VALORANT is precise, consequential, and highly-lethal

While agents have abilities to use during rounds, they do not have the near-infinite usage as in Overwatch. Players need to be meticulous in their abilities usage and if they misuse, the game boils down to aim and firepower, similar to CS:GO. 

Valorant has promised a robust anti-cheat system that will help users experience smooth gameplay without worrying about cheaters in their game. The game uses the League of Legends anti-cheat system as well as the Vanguard anti-cheat, a new system developed specifically for Valorant.

Valorant will also use 128 tick rate servers at launch, highlighting a significant improvement and upgrade over Valve’s CS:GO. CS:GO players have been demanding 128 tick-rate servers for quite some time, however, Valve says that the majority of CS:GO players still use older systems that would not be able to handle 128 tick rate servers. 

128 tick rate servers perform better than 64 tick rate servers. Several third-party ladders already provide opportunities for CS:GO players to play on higher tick rate servers with smooth gameplay and efficient performance. 

Riot Games’ Valorant does feature an economy system and weapons with similarities to CS:GO. Very few FPS games use an economy system similar to CS:GO which has remained nearly the same for over 20 years. 

However, Valorant matches will be MR12, which means the first team to reach 13 rounds is the winner. Shorter game times will allow players to play more matches and esports tournaments would also be able to accommodate more matches per day. With Riot Games backing Valorant, esports enthusiasts can expect a big push for the tournament structure. League of Legends is one of the biggest games in esports and continues to attract huge viewership numbers on a regular basis. 

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