Valve releases a new esports app exclusively for Dota Plus Subscribers

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Dota Plus has received a new feature update which will grant subscribers the chance to follow Professional games on the go. Valve has released a new mobile app for iOs and Android devices. The new app called the ‘Dota Pro Circuit’ has several features which will be useful to Dota Plus subscribers.

The features of the new app include:

  • Custom News Feed
  • Predictions
  • Fantasy
  • Tournaments

Custom News Feed

The app has several sections and one of the most important sections is the Custom News Feed. This section will inform users of important changes in teams and their roster. You can also follow your favourite teams and players to feature them prominently in the news feed. The news feed also provides in-depth information on a player’s team history along with achievements and earnings for the current Dota Pro Circuit Season.

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This will allow Dota 2 players to follow their favourite players and teams while on the go. It is a cool feature to keep players interested in the Dota 2 esports scene. With ‘The International 2019’ coming up in August, it is already promising to be one of the biggest events in esports history. This year The International 2019 will take place in Shanghai, China.


You can select how many Dota Plus shards you want to wager on a particular game.

The app is not all about news feed and informing players of their favourite teams and players. It actually features several interactive features such as Predictions and Fantasy betting.

Users can wager Dota Plus shards on the team which they think has the highest chances of winning a match. Currently, the Dreamleague Stockholm Major is underway and users can already wager Shards on the matches. The first impressions of the app look promising and there don’t seem to be many bugs.



You can follow the Pro Circuit from within the App. The Dota Pro Circuit features five Dota 2 Majors and Five Dota 2 minors. These events serve as qualification events for The International held in August. The International has been the biggest esports event in terms of the prize pool for several years in a row. It is the ultimate aim of every Dota team in the circuit.

A Dota Plus subscriber will be able to get all the information regarding the tournament from within the app. This includes net worth graph, hero stats and much more. The tournament will be continuously updated with results and the progress of Group stages and Playoffs of the match. The Dota Plus companion app will feature hero picks and bans, Match info, a live minimap as well as the team lineup. You will be updated with any roster changes or stand-ins for the match on the app.



A new feature added to the app will grant users to play fantasy within the app. They can compete in leagues and competitions. You can choose to play against Steam Friends or even on public leaderboards. It is a nice way to earn more shards if your fantasy team performs well in the Tournament.

Valve surprised everyone with this update but they need to maintain the app updates.


The release of the Dota 2 Companion app was a huge surprise for fans and even for some analysts. The app looks well thought out with little to no bugs. Features such as Predictions and Fantasy will be a huge addition to anyone who loves the esports circuit. It will also help in drawing in more casual Dota 2 players into the esports section of the game. With around 4 months remaining for The International, the release of this app might suggest more mobile-only features in the near future.

You can download the app on Android Playstore here and on iOs here. This feature is only available for the Dota Plus subscribers. Dota Plus is available for subscription at $3.99 / month.

However, in the past Valve has released new features in the game and have failed to maintain it over the years. We hope that this will not be the case with the Dota Pro Circuit app. The app has a good design and will have many takers for the features it offers.


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