Valve starts accepting applications for DPC 2019-2020

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Valve has announced that they have started taking applications for the new DPC season. This confirms that Valve will stick with the Dota Pro Circuit for the upcoming year as well. They have also announced the dates for the Dota 2 events from next year. There will be five Dota 2 Majors and Five Minors accompanying them. It is a similar model to the current year where there are ten events.

Each Dota 2 Minor will serve as a qualification tournament for the accompanying Major. The Major will grant participating teams Dota Pro Circuit points which will serve as the qualification criterion for The International 2020. Since the International commands such a big part of the overall prize money for Dota 2 esports scene, the Dota Pro Circuit becomes extremely crucial for the tournament organisers.

Valve has not addressed the concerns of the community

While the Dota Pro Circuit provides a structure to the Dota 2 esports scene, there need to be clearer regulations regarding roster changes. The biggest problem in Dota 2 remains the successive roster changes by teams. It is a confusing scenario for fans to keep up with their favourite team’s roster or their favourite player’s team. Part of the reason for the roster changes is the fact that teams do not want to invest as much in building their loyal fanbase in Dota 2.

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The International holds the lions share of all the prize money in Dota 2. While individual teams can still hope to compete in Minors and Majors to earn some revenue, the biggest revenue source comes in the form of prize money. The formation of a strong team before each Major. Teams want to qualify for the Major, which gives them the maximum chance to secure a slot at The International.

Even currently, players are constantly shuffling teams around in an attempt to form the stronger teams in preparation for the EPICENTER Major. The lack of stability in the esports scene is single-handedly the biggest problem staring tournament organisers today.

Valve should allow teams to monetize themselves through the matches

While the esports format looks decent, it does not provide avenues for income for most of the teams. Valve can work with the major teams in an attempt to address their concerns regarding the Dota 2 scene.

One of the biggest concerns for teams and investors in Dota 2 is the lack of profit or revenue sources for teams. Allowing teams to sell their cosmetic items via matches / in-game store would be extremely beneficial for the community. There are several minute details to be considered when it comes to this plan, however, with the right state of mind, Valve can put in place a very strong framework for a successful scene in Dota 2 esports.

Details of the 2019-20 Dota Pro Circuit

With the latest blog-post, Valve has confirmed the dates for the Majors and minors in the upcoming season.

Although we’re still in the heart of the 2018/2019 competitive season, it’s time to start planning for next year’s Majors and Minors. We’re requesting that any organizations who are interested in hosting a Major or Minor in the 2019/2020 DPC seasons email us with their proposals.

Details on what we’re looking for are below.

For the events, we are looking for proposals for 5 major and 5 minor events in the season. The dates for each major are as follow.

  • Nov 16-24
  • Jan 18-26
  • Mar 14-22
  • May 2-10
  • June 20-28

The dates for each minor are as follow.

  • Nov 5-9
  • Jan 7-11
  • Mar 3-7
  • Apr 22-2
  • June 9-13

With the last Major set to take place towards the end of June, it will help teams finalise their plans for The International which will take place in August 2020. It is still unconfirmed where Valve wants The International 2020 to take place. With TI9 taking place in Shanghai, Valve could be looking at other alternatives other than China or North American when it comes to hosting The International 2020.

During the last DPC Season, one of the major esports tournament organisers, ESL was not a part of the Dota Pro Circuit. However, it did not result in their exit from Dota 2 as they still hosted multiple top tier tournaments all over the world. They also ventured into new regions via their ESL One set of Events. ESL hosted their first International event in India with the ESL One Mumbai 2019.

When will the Battle pass see its release?

TI7 Battlepass

The Battle pass for TI8 was released on May 9th, 2018. As such, fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the new Battle pass and hope to try to build towards this year’s prize pool. Valve’s International has a base prize pool of $1,600,000 and the remaining amount is crowdfunded via the sale of Battle Passes. 25% of all the sales from Battle pass goes towards contributing the total prize pool of the International.

The TI9 battle pass will cost $9.99 as has been the case in the previous years. This is the base prize of the Battlepass. However, Valve usually follows it up with discounted rates for the next 75 levels. Users are provided incentives to unlock higher levels in the Battle pass with cosmetic items and other in-game features. There will be increased benefits for Dota Plus users as well.

TI9 had a total prize pool of $25,532,177 which was the largest prize pool in esports history. We expect the battle pass to be released in the next week. Will you buy the battle pass this year? Let us know in comments below.


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