Valve’s Dota Plus Update adds ‘Avoid Player’ feature for Plus Subscribers

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Valve has released a new update for Dota Plus subscribers which brings new features, cosmetics and extra rewards for Hard Support Players. 

Dota Plus subscribers can now avoid players to remove unwanted players from their matchmaking pool. The Community has demanded this feature in regular match-making for a long time, and Valve might test these features in the Autumn Dota Plus Update. Valve recently released the 7.22g update with nerfs to Alchemist and IO. 

The Dota Plus Autumn Update 


What’s new in the latest Dota Plus Update?


  • Avoid Player Feature
  • Creep Pull Timers
  • Ward Suggestions
  • Breakdown of total incoming damage
  • Customize Chat wheel with Emoticons
  • Allows usage of TI9 Chat Wheel Sounds

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What are the new Dota Plus sets?


Dota Plus brings new cosmetic sets to the game for heroes such as Lion, Slardar and Crystal Maiden. Users can buy these sets using Dota Plus Shards in-game. 

Valve has also added new Matchmaking quests for Season 4.. Hero quests accompany these ranked quests to help players boost the Dota Plus Shards in their inventory. 

Valve rewards Hard supports


In order to incentivize the Hard Support role, Valve has added a small bonus for Dota Plus subscribers playing the role. A Hard Support is a Position 5 support who buys utility items that benefit the team such as wards and dust. 

The Trove Carafes will be available for two more weeks in Dota 2. The Trove Carafe also lets you support your favorite broadcast talent at this year’s event by purchasing autographed versions of the treasure. 

The first Dota 2 Major and Minor cycle starts in October 2019. 

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