Vici and Liquid are elimiated from Chongqing Major

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The Chongqing Major 2019 moved to the Main Stage at the BLOOMAGE Cultural and Sports Center in China. The Main stage saw a total of eight teams move forward from the initial Group stage and the Playoffs. The sixteen teams were down to just eight teams for the second Dota 2 Major of the DPC event.

The first day on the Main stage saw three matches take place. Two of these matches were in the Lower Bracket and were elimination matches. The final match of the day was an Upper Bracket match between Virtus Pro and Team Secret. Let’s take a look at the Day’s matches and how the teams fared at the tournament.

Vici Gaming vs Evil Genius

Vici Gaming exit the Chongqing Major in the 7-8th position. They secure 450 DPC points and $40,000 in prize money. Image Credits: Starladder

The first game of the day saw local crowd favourites Vici Gaming go up against Evil Geniuses. The Chongqing Major crowd is heavily biased towards their local teams ( and rightfully so). It was no secret to see them come out in full support for Vici Gaming.

The first game started with Vici Gaming picking up a comfort pick for their team. They picked a Medusa into an Outworld Destroyer as well as an Anti Mage. He did not really have a huge impact; however, Paparazzi took control of the pace of the game. With his Juggernaut, he was simply unstoppable racking up an impressive 619 GPM for himself. He had the blink dagger and could ensure that he had excellent mobility to cope up with the rest of the team.

Evil Geniuses made mistakes when they were unable to ensure that their peak would ensure in an advantage for the team. Despite being in advantageous situations on multiple occasions, the North American team was unable to assert their dominance. Eventually, Vici Gaming took home Game one with ease. A big part of their win was due to mistakes by S4 and multiple EG members being out of position.

Unfortunately for the Chinese fans, Vici was unable to keep up the same level of performance in the next two games. The team seemed to be lacking confidence as we progressed through the series. They were not making the same aggressive plays as before, which resulted in the team losing advantage despite being on an even footing. Vici Gaming lost to Evil Genius, but this series was definitely a very exciting match-up filled with player mistakes as well as exceptional plays.

Fnatic vs Team Liquid

Team Liquid exit the Chongqing Major in the 7-8th position. They secure 450 DPC points and $40,000 in prize money. Image Credits: Starladder

Team Liquid came into the second Major of the DPC season with a stand-in. They have been playing with Chu ‘Shadow’ Zeyu, formerly of Wings Gaming. This results in multiple communication issues for the team. They cannot communicate in English and that results in simple one-word conversations in order to call out targets or runes among others.

Despite their obvious problems in the team, Team Liquid managed to take down multiple strong teams in the lower bracket. Their run comes to an end against Fnatic; which is yet another team who has produced amazing results so far at the Major.

The first game saw Abed pick up the Medusa and he was simply unstoppable on the hero. With Jabz and DJ constantly providing support to the mid-lane; Medusa was able to flash farm the lane as well as the jungle. He ended the game with a GPM above 800 and was simply unstoppable. He was up against Dazzle in the mid lane and after some time, the Fnatic lineup simply scaled better into the late game.

Game 2

Fnatic went forth with the Juggernaut pick in Game 2. The second Game saw the Fnatic roster pick up their pace and they were able to play around the lineup efficiently. The team had great synergy, especially when compared to the lineup for Team Liquid. With Shadow on their roster; Team Liquid was allowing him to get farm alone. However, against a team with excellent synergy such as Team Fnatic; this proved to be incompetent for the team.

Fnatic looks to be very strong so far in the tournament, but it does feel that the team might not be able to matchup to the best teams in the Major so far. They have excellent individual skill and this is the primary result for the team making huge inroads into the enemy jungle. They have an aggressive playstyle on the supports allowing their cores to play their farm and to their strengths.

Team Secret vs Virtus Pro

The battle between two of the best teams in the tournament was always going to be extremely exciting. Team Secret has looked extremely strong with Michał “Nisha” Jankowski joining the team. Virtus Pro continue to dominate the Dota 2 scene and their 2-0 win over PSG.LGD definitely raised a few eyebrows.

The two teams had a very different type of draft. It was the first game in the tournament that IO was not banned or picked in the first phase of the draft. It was mostly the ‘mind games’ from the two captains as they were trying to outsmart each other.

The first game saw Team Secret pick up five melee heroes. It was an extremely greedy lineup as both Slark and Phantom Assasin require a lot of creeps and farm. However, with the unique item build on Yeik “MidOne” Nai Zheng; they were able to make plays all over the map. Unfortunately for Vitus Pro, they really did not know whom to Doom. Despite having an excellent farm, Doom was only able to use his ultimate on Phantom Assasin. Dark Seer would surge him away and it would allow the core to survive the duration of the ultimate. Meanwhile, Slark would constantly be right clicking the opponents. There were team fights when Slark was able to amass more than 40 bonus agility from the team fights. Virtus Pro might have been able to tank up the hero; but they really stood no chance to deal damage against the likes of Slark, Tiny and PA.

Game 2

The second game saw Team Secret pick up the Huskar in retaliation to Virtus Pro’s Anti Mage. Huskar was the midlaner, however, Terrorblade was on the bot lane and the position 1 for Team Secret. Ofcourse having the Magnus on their team, Anti Mage received the Empower buff to farm really fast.

With Troll unable to die due to his ultimate, Virtus Pro looked unstoppable for the most part. Despite him being in a lane against Huskar, Troll had a very good start and performance. However, the MVP of the Virtus Pro roster remains Doom ( Pasha ). He was always the gamechanger for Virtus Pro and was able to provide the team with all the advantage that they require.

Clement “Puppey” Ivanov stole the Reverse Polarity, which stopped Virtus Pro in their tracks. The Aghanims Scepter + Blink Dagger for Rubick meant that Virtus Pro had to mind their positioning throughout the next few minutes. Despite having a good ultimate, it was just not enough for Team Secret. Virtus Pro managed to take down one set of barracks. Team Secret’s positioning was not on point, especially with the Huskar pick not working well for the team.

Game 3

Virtus Pro move to the Grand final after a splendid performance againt Team Secret. Image Credits: Virtus Pro

The third game saw Team Secret revert back to their Slark pick. However, this time, it was Michał “Nisha” Jankowski on the Medusa who was on the mid-lane. He was up against Virtus Pro’s Vladimir “No[o]ne” Minenko who was on the Monkey King. Nisha secured the first blood, thanks to No[o]ne extra aggressive play in the mid-lane.

This was the story multiple times, however, Nisha had excellent positioning and was able to get kills on No[o]ne. Virtus Pro was extremely active all over the map. They had the Luna + IO combination as well as the monkey king to provide them with the vision and the map presence. They were constantly battling on multiple counts. Team Secret with their Medusa definitely did not have the early game presence in this game as they did during Game 1. Without any means of initiation, Team Secret was always on the back-foot.

However, Virtus Pro did have trouble trying to get onto the high ground. Ultimately with multiple Aegis and Cheese, Virtus Pro was able to take down Team Secret and advance further at the Chongqing Major. They are now the first Grand finalists at the Chongqing Major 2019.

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