Virtus.Pro replaced by Ad Finem due to cheating allegations at The Summit 5

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After many days of speculations, team VIrtus.Pro have officially admitted to cheating by replacing Ilya ‘“ALOHADANCE’” Korobkin with Vega Squadron’s Vladimir “’No[o]ne’” Minenko.  The Russian team  knowingly broke the rules and in response they have been disqualified from The Summit 5 and AD FINEM will be taking their place in July.

Everything started when Virtus.Pro’s ‘ALOHADANCE’ has lost his internet connection  during the third game of the European qualifiers Grand Finals, on May 29th. The match between Virtus.Pro and AD FINEM was hanging on this last game as the score was 1:1. Time was running out for Virtus.Pro as the pause timer was reaching the 20 minute mark and with no sign of ALOHADANCE returning, admins were forcing the pause to an end. Virtus.Pro told the admins that Korobkin was on his way to a internet café but the admins decided to unpause the game and Virtus.Pro ultimately lost the game due a four versus five match-up.

In the meantime, Vega Squadron player Vladimir “No[o]ne” Minenko was streaming on his Twitch channel, but the stream ended in him suddenly abandoning a match and ending the stream. Minenko stated that he was about to stand-in for Virtus.Pro. The inculpatory VoD was later removed from his channel.

Right before the fourth game of the Grand Finals series begun, Virtus.Pro’s ALOHADANCE tweeted that his internet connection has been restored and that he is ready to join his team once again. The player swap would’ve gone unnoticed if not for some members of community who spotted an unfamilliar build on Juggernaut, build that resembled the one used by No[o]ne.

Despite speculations flourishing, Virtus.Pro continued to play and win the match, succesfuly qualifying for The Summit 5 event.

Two days later team Virtus.Pro have admitted to their mistake in a quick succesion of tweets and eight hours later BeyondTheSummit announced that in light of above-mentioned events Virtus.Pro has been disqualified and replaced by the Greek team, AD FINEM.

Virtus.Pro’s CEO,Cherepennikov, stated that the Russian organization will investigate the incident and it is yet unclear if any sanctiongs will be applied.

We apologize to our fans, BTS, our opponents, and the entire Dota 2 community. We admit to breaking the rules and we understand that we can not continue in the tournament.

— Anton Cherepennikov – CEO of Virtus.Pro”

Vega Squadron on the other hand, has also admitted to No[o]ne’s fault but they have already “applied necessary disciplinary sanctions”, without giving details about said sanctions.


“No[o]ne initially agreed to help a team from his own region without knowing that he couldn’t be a stand-in on this tournament as he already took part in it. Of course, he made a mistake and realizes it.
— Vega’s CEO – Alexey “Vega” Kondakov”

Lastly we have AD FINEM declaring that while they don’t feel they deserve their European spot within The Summit 5 tournament they will do their best to prove that they deserve to be there:  “We don’t really feel that we deserve it, since we lost in the grand final. admitted their wrongdoing but we will show you on The Summit 5 that we deserve to be there.”

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