VP.Prodigy won the GG.Bet StayHome Challenge

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Just when we thought that it couldn’t get any better for Virtus.Pro, their second team proved us wrong. As you know, Virtus.Pro have wom their first tournament in a while. They’ve ripped through the competition in the ESL One LA Online after winning against OG two times in a row.

GG.Bet StayHome Challenge

Apart from the “first team” of the organization, the newly-formed squad also had great success. VP.Prodigy was formed just a few weeks ago as a project team. The idea behind it was to “free” the players from the burdon of expectations and allow them to flourish. 

It seems like the plan behind the team is paying of, judging by the results. VP.Prodigy had an absolute blast at this online event. In fact, they’ve had pretty much no real competition, until the Grand Final, where they had to face Vikin.gg.

Prior to this game, they had to take down FlyToMoon, another strong CIS competitor. Then, after taking down Vikin.gg once, the had to do it again in the Grand Final.

Despite securing the lead in the series, the Romanian squad managed to bounce back after a very good game two for them. Nevertheless, it was not enough to crush the spirit of VP.Prodigy. They’ve successfully outpicked their enemies and secured an overall 3-1 victory and their fist title under their belt.

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