Virtus Pro Makes Changes To Its CSGO Roster

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Esports organization Virtus Pro has announced changes to its CS:GO roster after months of poor performance by their former team. Mareks “YEKINDAR” Gaļinskis will replace Timur “buster” Tulepov on Virtus Pro’s CS:GO team. 


The announcement confirms Alexey “OverDrive” Biryukov’s report a few days earlier where he all but confirmed the move. Virtus Pro has fallen through the HLTV ranks dramatically after they picked up the former AVANGAR roster. The AVANGAR Roster was one of the biggest success stories of 2019 (after Astralis, of course). However, ever since they signed with Virtus Pro, the team’s performance has deteriorated. 

Will This Roster Change Help Virtus Pro?

YEKINDAR’s addition to Virtus Pro is a big step forward for the team’s chances at success. However, Virtus Pro has also added a new second coach to its CS:GO roster. Alexey “Flatra” Zlobich will join Dastan “dastan” Akbayev to help the team transition to a better mentality and improve their performance. Virtus Pro will also addMaxim “MaAd’ Goncharov as their analytical psychologist. 

Yekindar is the latest addition to Virtus Pro’s CS:GO roster. Image Credit: Pro100

At first glance, Virtus Pro’s problems seem to stem from the players’ approach and attitude towards the game. The players have been relatively stagnant in their creative approach to the game which has affected the team’s results. 


YEKINDAR is a 20-year-old player who joined Pro100 in late 2018. The team’s statistics increased immediately after the player’s addition. 

Pro100 saw an immediate impact after YEKINDAR’s addition to their CS:GO team. Image Credit: HLTV

YEKINDAR has a 1.13 rating and is a rising star in the CIS CS:GO scene. The player’s was instrumental to Pro100’s wins at DreamHack Delhi Invitational and Qi Banja Luka. 

How Will This Affect Virtus Pro’s RMR Points?

Valve’s rules punish teams for making changes to their CS:GO rosters. Virtus Pro’s endeavor to improve their team’s performance will cost them Regional Major Rankings points. The RMR points serve as the ground work for Valve’s invitation to the ESL One Rio Major. The ESL One Rio Major will take place in November after Valve postponed the event due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

Virtus Pro will lose 20% of its 1900 RMR points and now fall down to the third place in the Regional Major Rankings. 

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