We have our NA and EU LCS Finals Pairs

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League of Legends Weekly News Update

22nd August 2016

This Week’s Hottest League of Legends and eSports News

It’s the Final(s) Countdown

It’s time to conclude our summer trip and see which the teams of the 2016 World Championship are. For the eighth time in their history, Team SoloMid are headed to the North American League Championship Series Finals after a 3-0 sweep over Counter Logic Gaming.

22.08 TSM

Cloud 9 managed to defeat Immortals after an impressive semi-final match, and will face TeamSoloMid in August 28.

22.08 Cloud9

On the other side of the Atlantic, G2 eSports will face Splyce in the EU finals after defeating Unicorns of Love and H2K respectively.

22.08 G2

Don’t forget to bet on your favorite teams. We are heading straight to an exciting eSports weekend!

Competitive Games App that looks like Tinder but isn’t

Level Up eSports wants to create an app that looks like Tinder for gamers. Instead of looking for love though you are looking for other players to compete in games and have a chance to win some money doing it. This new app will have you:

  • Choose a game you want to compete at
  • The App will find other people who play the same game
  • Swipe right or left to accept or decline a challenge, just like Tinder

Riot to hold scouting tournament for North American amateur players

Riot announced on August 19th that they are going to host a scouting tournament from Nov. 13-19 in the LCS Studios in Los Angeles, California. The tournament will have teams made up of players at the top of each position on the ranked ladder. The four top players from each role will be invited to the LCS studios to be drafted into teams by LCS players and coaches, then trained as a team before playing against each other in a round-robin tournament. If not anything else, this is an interesting concept and maybe the first organized drafting event in eSports. We still don’t know if the games will be streamed.

UK Gambling Commission Report

The UK Gambling Commission is the first gambling regulator in the world to release such an in-depth discussion paper on eSports gambling. They are discussing how and if eSports gambling should be regulated under UK gambling laws. This is a major development in the European video game industry as a whole and not just eSports or gambling.

Do you want a quick summary?

  • Skins sites that provide services to the UK require a UK gambling license.
  • eSports betting on matches, like traditional sports betting, should be regulated.

Here is the report if you want to take a look.

eSports have a larger social media following than NFL, NHL, and MLB

According to a report by Adobe Digital Insights, eSports are experiencing a larger growth on social media than other traditional sports organizations like the NFL, NHL, and MLB. The only sports organization with a larger following is the NBA. We can only imagine how natural this might seems to gamers worldwide, since the geek culture is more versed in newer technologies than traditional sports fans. According to the same report, video game sales are on the rise,  $25.3 billion in 2016 up from $23.5 billion in 2015.

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