WePlay! joins Esports Integrity Coalition

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Esports tournament organizer WePlay has announced it is joining the Esports Integrity Coalition effective immediately. This will aid efforts in detecting malpractice and any type of manipulation of competitive matches during WePlay Esports events says the official announcement.

The coronavirus pandemic forced many esports tournaments online with LAN events becoming increasingly rare. However, online gameplay has allowed teams and players to use illegal means to earn money, including match-fixing and abusing in-game bugs. The CS:GO coaching scandal resulted in ESIC handing out bans of various lengths to thirty-seven CS:GO coaches. WePlay! has also issued punishments this year to several Dota 2 teams found guilty of match-fixing. 

When ESIC announced its punishments for the CS:GO coaching bug, WePlay! announced its support for the decision. The partnership between WePlay! and ESIC is a natural extension of this collaboration.

We are happy to have such a formidable ally in the enforcement of fair play in WePlay Esports events. Participation in ESIC shows to both players and partners that we are taking competitive integrity very seriously and apply a zero-tolerance policy to match manipulations of any kind.”

– Oleh Humeniuk, General Manager of WePlay Esports media holding company.

The Esports Integrity Coalition counts organizers like ESL, DreamHack and BLAST as its members. The decisions taken by the coalition affect participating teams in these events. Now it will also impact their plans for WePlay! events as WePlay! joins the coalition.

“As a tournament operator that has been engaging with ESIC for some time, we are happy to have WePlay transition into full membership with ESIC. WePlay joins a prestigious list of tournament operators who have pledged a commitment to standardising an approach to competitive integrity in esports. WePlay’s a commitment to ESIC is a reflection of the fact that WePlay values a safe, and healthy esports industry.”

– Ian Smith, Commissioner at Esports Integrity Commission.

What Does This Partnership Mean for Esports?

For starters, WePlay! joining the coalition gives ESIC more powers as an international integrity commission. Its decisions will have a far-reaching impact on the future of esports tournaments and help in maintaining the integrity of the industry. As a very young industry, the esports industry has had its fair share of immoral actions including match-fixing, cheating and others. ESIC lays out strict guidelines for tournament organizers, team owners and players to follow. Any violation of these guidelines could see the entity banned from future events.

It is a great step forward for the future of esports integrity. WePlay! has hosted successful Dota 2 and CS:GO events. As one of the frontrunners in maintaining integrity in Dota 2 events, WePlay! joining ESIC comes at just the right time. 


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