RFRSH Entertainment has announced BLAST Premier, a Global Tournament Series for 2020. 

The new tournament series will feature Best of Three matches and provide a chance for any team to qualify for the Global Finals. It shows BLAST’s willingness to learn from their mistakes and adapt to provide the best tournament format to the viewers and players alike.

BLAST Premier Format for 2020


The BLAST Premier is the new tournament format after taking into consideration the feedback from players and viewers.The new format will remove several of the problems that the community had with the current BLAST format

  • Only BO3 matches
  • Any team can qualify to the Global Finals
  • Increased Prize pool
  • Better format

The new format will see the entire year divided into two seasons: The Spring season and the Fall Season. The two seasons are exactly similar in format and will contribute equally towards the team list for the Global Finals 2020. 

BLAST Permier Format
Group Stage Format for BLAST Premier. Image Credit: BLAST

Each season of the BLAST Premier 2020 plays out over three weeks. They will feature twelve teams divided into three groups of four teams each. Each Group will play matches over one week and ultimately, the top two teams in each group will play in the Season Finals. 

Six teams will qualify to the season finals from the Group stages. However, the teams which do not qualify will have another shot at the season finals. 

The losing teams from the Group stage will play in the Season showdown, joined by four more teams. These ten teams will compete for the two slots in the Season finals. 

BLAST Premier Tournament Format
The Spring and Fall Season for BLAST Premier 2020. Image Credit: BLAST

The Fall season works similar to the Spring Season and has a prize pool of $1,375,000 and will contribute teams to the Global Finals towards the end of the year. 

The BLAST Premier Global Finals


The BLAST Premier Global Finals is the culmination of the 2020 competitive year for BLAST events. While RFRSH has not yet announced the dates for their 2020 tournaments, we can expect RFRSH to host events at any location. The BLAST Pro Series 2019 Global Finals will take place in the Kingdom of Bahrain, despite concerns of hosting events in the country, following its poor track record in Human Rights. 

The next evolution of our tournament series is going to blow people away. We have spent months developing the right format. A format that will create the greatest entertainment product for fans at events and viewers watching across the world. We believe we have perfected that format.

We will finish the year with a surge of excitement as we crown the 2019 BLAST Pro Series Champion. And we look forward to creating something incredible in esports with BLAST PREMIER in 2020.

Robbie Douek, CEO, BLAST

The $1.5 million prize pool Global Finals will feature eight teams, presumable four from each season. The tournament series format allows any team to reach the Global Finals and have a chance at winning the Global Finals.  

After ESL Pro Tour, BLAST’s announcement will increase the competition in the CSGO Tournament circuit. XYZ won the BLAST Pro Series Moscow after a surprising Grand finals between the two CIS teams.  Let us know what you think of the BLAST Premier tournament circuit in comments below.


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