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Welcome to our Esports Bonus Comparison page. We have thoroughly scanned the web to provide you with the best Esports betting bonuses available at this very moment. This tool gives you all the information and details to help you make an informed choice before you start betting.

Our Esports betting comparison table features all the factors you should consider before opening an account. We have reviewed the Games, Betting Offers, Betting Bonuses, Popular Betting Markets/Odds and many more factors to help you compare all the free bets and offers on all sites offering esports betting across all tournaments.


Games Counter StrikeStarcraft IIDota 2Heroes of the StormHearthstoneLeague of LegendsWorld of Tanks Counter StrikeStarcraft IIDota 2SMITEHeroes of the StormLeague of Legends Counter StrikeStarcraft IIDota 2Magic The GatheringHearthstoneLeague of Legends League of LegendsDota 2Starcraft 2Counter Strike CS:GOHeroes of the Storm
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Using our Esports Comparison Tool

Over the last two years, the esports betting market has really taken off and bettors all around the world are trying their luck to also get their hands on some the solids cash. For this reason, we have put together this comparison tool for those interested in learning more about the growing esports market. Here you should find answers to some important questions that are often asked by the esporting community and bettors who are looking to take that first step into the betting world. You will see that our experts have provided ratings for each operator based on a number of essential factors and below we explain exactly what these mean:

Games – The question we asked is, what range of esports games are offered? Depending on the variety of esports games offered and in which tournaments, championships, for us shows the operators enthusiasm and willingness to expand in this market. The bookmakers ability to promote and engage bettors, people who know and understand the sports as well as newbies is a very important factor in helping to grow and expand this market. At the end of the day, depending on how much attention a sports gets (much like football) the more money you are likely to make.

Bonus Offers – For anyone starting out, this is a crucial factor. Take advantage of the bookmakers bonus offers, for anyone wanting to take a punt these bonuses are the best way for you to get involved. Knowing that in any big tournament, you can win anyway between $100 – $1000, it’s no wonder fans worldwide have started taking an interest. As you are not limited to anyone bookmaker, you can bet for free and multiple times using each bookmaker to makes some easy cash by backing your favorite teams.

Popular Betting Markets/Odds – The types of bets offered by an operator tells you great deal about how much they know the esports world of gaming. You will find most bookmakers offer bets on the outright market, however what about the more exotic bets? This is where you are likely to get high stake odds and can cash in big. If the operator understands the titles, the more types of betting their are able to offer. Efforts made by the bookmakers tell us a great deal about how much they actually follow the games, community, players and competitions, so take time is looking at the their offerings before placing a bet to win big.

Mobile Betting – providing punters the flexibility to bet on in-play/live betting events with smartphones and apps is one of the standard offerings of any operator. Allowing people to bet, no matter where they are is a basic requirement and any bookmaker who cannot meet this basic need, in our opinion, cannot be included on our list. The good news is that gambling companies are battling to gain dominance on the mobile market and you may even occasionally find promotional offers and different bonuses for the same bookmaker to the ones seen online.

Established – This shows how reputable the bookmarker is. A vital part of our study and very important for you. The length of time a bookmarker has been around shows their experience in betting and consumer confidence. If they are still around today, they must be doing something right and the level of security the operators provides with it. Betting with a established bookie ensures that you money is secure and you can bet comfortably and with peace of mind that your wins are save in the system.

Licence and Languages – Operator licenses are very important. You need to know that the bookie you’re placing a bet with is regulated and legit. Operators are obliged to follow certain rules and regulations depending on the country/region. One indicator can be the language the site is available in, not all esports fans are english and so the operators need to put in place sites depending on the country’s rules and regulations.
We regularly review the bookmakers and their bonuses and update our list so you have the best free comparison tool for your esports betting. So the next time you visit this page, do not be surprised with the changes and updates, the esports world is gaining momentum and we expect that betting will develop into other titles of the market very soon.


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    I’m a passionate gamer and follow championships on LOL, CS:GO and have been wanting to learn more about betting on esports.
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