Esports: Which Bonus for Which Bookmaker?

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Esports has come a long way from it’s early days of a few LAN events with hardly any prize pool. With thousands of esports matches being played every year, we have a new industry growing on the side. Esports betting has been growing since several years now and exponentially at that. While the initial boost was provided by Skin betting mainly via CSGO lounge, it has been much more organised and legalised since then.

We have several mainstream betting websites providing esports wagers today. These betting websites have ample experience in running bets and also ensuring that any new bettors understand the risks associated with betting. Following all the guidelines laid out by the regulators, these betting websites have worked their way into the community’s most popular websites. But there are always new website popping up each new day.

Are you Ready to Join the Game?

Esports betting is a very young and exciting industry and there are many many options to choose from. Which one are you going to pick is entirely your decision. However we can make it easier for you to choose.

In this article we will present you with a fair review of the websites where you can bet and which bonuses to look out for without having to worry about external factors such as Safety, Privacy concerns and fair-game. With several website providing betting on esports, you need to learn and understand which ones are worth your time and your money. We at esports-betting-tips, have gone through a lot of efforts to review these websites and present to you a thorough review for each one of them and picked out the best bonus offers.


Betway Esports

Current Betway Bonus Offer

By far the most popular is the Betway Bet €10 and get €30 Free Bet


Betway covers various esports titles such as CS GO, League of Legends, Warcraft, Dota2 and even Overwatch. The highest number of bets mostly come from CS GO, however the other esports titles are also catching up. We see various kinds of bets which include Match wins to various handicap bets. One of the most popular side bets on the website include the First Blood (Dota2 / LoL), Pistol round bets (CS GO).

Betway’s popularity comes from it’s intense marketing campaign. We have seen the Betway name being used repeatedly across tournaments and in collaboration with esports teams such as the Ninjas in Pyjamas. They were also recently associated with the ESG Mykonos tournament, where you could see the Betway logo sprawled across the centra pool. The Betway analyst also helped the users decide who to bet on as they were still deciding on their bets.


The first and foremost concern for any new customer is the safety of their money. Is the money that they invest into the website safe? The website’s terms and conditions definitely seem to suggest so. The company keeps customer deposits in a separate account from the Company funds. This ensures that the two are exclusive and under circumstances is the customer’s hard earned money under any imminent threat.

Betway’s Lucrative sign offers

The website has really lucrative sign-up offers available. These offers vary from location to location, but it guarantees a good bonus for signing up on their website. You will be allowed just one account to sign up. Multiple accounts will be closed by the staff as it breaks their terms and conditions. Their progress on Betting review websites such as SportsBook Reviews has just shown the confidence that customers place in the website.

Betway dutifully follows the guidelines laid down by the regulators. These guidelines and rules are in place to prevent people from being addicted to betting/gambling away all of their money. Responsible Gambling is a very important and often neglected aspect in the unregulated betting websites.

One of the biggest advantages for Betway over other betting websites is their customer service. The Betway Management has seen several changes over the years and it has reflected in the improvement in quality of their customer service. The Betway customer service is famed for it’s efficiency and high rate of satisfaction amongst customers.

This is a website that we definitely recommend and give our stamp of approval. Betway have been one of the early adopters of esports betting and their support for esports is reflected throughout their bets and website layout.


Arcane bet review

Current Arcane Bet Bonus Offer

The specialist in Esports betting – €30 Risk Free

Arcane Bet is a new addition to the eSports betting scene. The website specialises in esports betting and has several positives. We recently posted a website review for ArcaneBet. We have listed why you should choose ArcaneBet over the other websites available to you.

Trust is the principal feature of the newly opened website. As a website still in it’s early days it faces a herculean task as it looks to build the trust of its customers.

In a statement from the CEO, Tim Hurk: We focus on building trust with the betting community through its integrity, its values and by providing a level of customer satisfaction to complement its unbeatable odds.”

We as ArcaneBet do everything in our power to keep eSport an honest and interesting sport and would like to contribute as much as possible to the growth of this amazing phenomenon”

New Betting Markets

They have several new bet types available which cater to all kinds of bettors. The Progressive Jackpot, the Mystery Jackpot , Match winners and various types of bets available on the website. Customers can bet on these matches based on their skill, their desire to invest into a bet and the the potential reward. Keeping all options open, Arcanebet provides a wide range of bets.

The website lay out their privacy policies transparently. None of the user information will be shared without legal notice or without the user’s consent. The website rates itself high on the user interface and privacy concerns.

Special Features and Mystery Jackpots

The Mystery Jackpot is a unique feature for Arcanebet. How do you enter into the Mystery Jackpot? All you have to do is to actually place a bet on the website, and Mystery Jackpot will randomly pay out to the winners. This is a means for users to win some easy money which they can potentially win hundred of dollars.

You can win a Mystery Jackpot when the jackpot amount is in the following ranges:

  • Silver Mystery: €50 – €150
  • Gold Mystery: €250 – €500 credits
  • Platinum Mystery: €1000 – €2500 credits

This is the Best betting website that we recommend for new users. It is safe, secure and has a wide variety of bets. They also specialise in esports betting which is a rarity, since most of the other websites on this list are sports first.

You can sign up on ArcaneBet using our Bonus Code: EBT30. It will give you a bonus up to 30 Euros on signing up which can be used to grow your winnings. We will provide you with upto a 300% deposit match if you use the Code EBT30. It’s a very easy way jumpstart your betting adventure and we do hope you can win several bets with this help.


Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 10.44.33

Current Pinnacle Bonus Offer

Most influential esports site – Best odds on esports betting


Pinnaclesports has to be mentioned on this list simply cause of it’s impact on the betting scene in the world. Pinnaclesports is considered to be the best website and the most influential amongst all the other websites. We will take a look at Pinnaclesports in this part of the article and tell you about the features of this amazing website.

The website has a customer base across 200 countries and the website is available in 19 different languages. While it has since changed it’s name to Pinnacle, it is still referred to as Pinnaclesports. After all 20 years of familiarity do not die away easily. The company is fully licensed and operated by Government of the Netherlands Antilles.

Over 15 years experience in the gaming sector

eSports is featured in the top bar on the front page. As you click the link, you are introduced to a page specially designed for esports. Pinnaclesports proudly flaunts its achievements on the right column. They have won the SBC Awards in 2016 for the best esports bookmaker for the year. This is in addition to the EGR Operator awards again in 2016. The website lists a several guides and betting outlines for newcomers. People are encouraged to read through the exhaustive list of articles in order to better equip them to understand the market.

The website still remains one of the best odds in esports betting. It has a dominant face in the sports betting market, with odd shifts in pinnacle reverberating throughout the bookmaking websites. It has not found the same level of success in esports as of yet, but it is definitely improving leaps and bounds. The Betting schedule is always up to date and features the biggest tournaments in various esports titles. Their coverage of esports titles is impressive and ranges from Dota2, CS GO, League of Legends etc.

One of the biggest features for this website is their mobile product. The Pinnaclesports mobile web page is one of the best UI for a bookmaker that we have seen. The mobile website is significantly easier to navigate than the actual desktop page. The odds are easier to spot and wager on.

Do we recommend this website?

Absolutely. Pinnacle remains one of the better odds for esports betting. They have made a name for themselves in Sports betting and their fame definitely speaks for their trustworthiness, privacy concerns and safety.



Current Bet365 Bonus Offer

Most reputable  –100% match bonus up to £/€200


UK based betting website Bet365 is one of the earliest entrants into esports real money betting. The website which has a very green design reeks of money for anyone new to betting. The front page is very streamlined and informative for anyone visiting the website for the first time.

On the left side, you can see a list of all the categories for the bookmakers. You can see all the sports listed in alphabetical order on the left side. Esports is somewhere in the middle (alphabetically) and that is the section we will be focussing here.

So once you get into the esports page, you are greeted with a no-frills webpage which lists out all the various matches, the various bets available to the customer. Bet365 covers all the big esports titles and has numerous types of bets available. In Play betting is one of the strong features of Bet365 as a whole. While the variety for sports is wide and varied, esports in play bet options are not too many right now.

Bet365 is famed for it’s super fast cash-outs. The cash-outs are usually handed out within 30 minutes and are fair and transparent. The terms and conditions of the website are clear and well framed.

Esports-betting-Tips Bonus Link : Click here

Which is the best website for you?

Our resident experts have years of experience personally in betting on these websites. They have also collected feedback from various users who have been regulars on these websites. The four websites listed above are the best website for you to bet on.

If you want to start your betting journey on these websites, we recommend that you use our Affiliate codes to receive the biggest bonuses on each of these websites. These codes have been obtained specifically for you and to help you get a big jump start in your betting.

Keep an eye on esports-betting-tips as we will provide previews to the biggest esports tournaments and news. Keeping yourself up to date with the news and various tournament previews is the first step in being a successful bettor.

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