Worlds 2016 Starts This Friday

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League of Legends Weekly News Update


Don’t forget that we have the most amazing weekend ahead of us. The fun starts with the group stage which will conclude in October 9. We have a brand new Livescore system to keep you up-to-date with all the latest results.

This Week’s Hottest League of Legends News

Worlds 2016 Predictions and Analysis

We have only a few days until the fun begins, so you better go and recap on our predictions article, complete will odds from Betway. The group stage will be very exciting on its own, but it’s always better when you up the stakes a little with a small bet, isn’t it?


Choose Your Worlds Team

No matter which team you choose to root for in the Worlds 2016, Riot has prepared the most suitable wallpaper for your device. For the 2016 World Championship, they partnered with 16 community artists from around the world to create a unique wallpaper for each of the 16 teams. 

The Future of LoL eSports

With much of the market research predicting that eSports isn’t going to show any signs of slowing down in the next couple of years, Riot has decided to share with the gamers a brief article to express their own views regarding the future of the scene. They believe that the path to success goes through a three-step path that includes Fandom, Economics, and Stability. That’s another way of saying that ‘as long as people spend money on eSports because it’s interesting, everything’s going to go smooth.’ Nevertheless, it’s an interesting read for all eSports fans.


League of Legends Vs Dota 2

Game statistics comparisons: we all love reading about how one game fights it out against its closer competitors, and when it comes to MOBA, LoL and Dota 2 are the two opposing forces on the battlefield. Lazygamer recently posted a very interesting article that goes beyond the normal statistics.


Sky and itv invest 3.6 million euros in Ginx TV

Esports is lately THE thing in major media investments. Football clubs, NBA stars, former media giants, and now two of the biggest British TV operators, all are investing in eSports in one way or the other. SKY and iTV invested 3.6 million euros in Ginx TV, the TV channel dedicated to gaming and esports. We are curious to see how this is going to affect exposure to the scene in Britain and the whole of Europe.

Play LoL on a Console

Well, not any of the consoles you alre25-09-tencentady know, but Tencent’s new TGP box: something that reminds us of a Steam machine but that can only play games on the Tencent Games platform, and LoL is one of those games. Since it has a controller, it’s curious to see if the games are going to be updated to support them. It’s a little pricey (around 600 dollars) but then you will be able to play League from your living-room couch.


Chris Shim Cuts All Ties with Riot

When Riot decided to ban both Team Dragon Knights and Renegades from competing in the LCS, they caused a public uproar, not only because of the decision but also because they refused to share the reasons behind the ban. Chris Shim, the owner of Team Dragon Knights released a detailed statement that answers most questions. He finishes that statement saying, “I believe there is nothing more to say about this ban. I am done with Riot Esports.”

Gameco Receives $8.25 Million to Launch Casino-Based Competitive Gaming

It seems that video games are heading straight for casinos all over the world. CameCo creates gambling machines that are based on skill. The funding was led by Javelin Venture Partners, along with Courtside Ventures, QB1 Ventures, New York Angels, Steel Partners, and others. They believe that the future of casinos is one based not only on mindless entertainment based on luck and probabilities, but also on video games and the excitements eSports bring to the fans. ‘The young generations doesn’t play slots,’ they say, ‘they play videogames.’

Teams – Roster

With LCS underway, this has been a very quiet week. Let’s see what happened

Roster (1)


  • 4LaN leaves Remo Brave e-Sports


  • Confysion and Chrisberg join G2 Vodafone. InKos and Sou leave.
  • Steeelback joins Vitality. Police leaves the team.

Latin America

  • BearJew leaves Kaos Latin Gamers
  • Caos join Last Kings
  • Arce retires from Lyon
  • Khym leaves Hafnet eSports. He joins Rebirth eSports as Focho moves back to AD Carry.


  • Riot suspends Marshall until June 30th, 2017 and Rawbin until March 31st, 2017.

Keep on Betting

You have all the information you need to bet for next week’s games. Be sure to check our predictions for more insider comments!

Keep on playing and watching, and don’t forget to bookmark esports-betting-tips for all your eSports betting needs.

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