X-Bet.co Rampage Series #5 will see the best SEA Dota 2 teams in action

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The X-Bet.co Rampage Series #5 is an online tournament hosted by X-bet.co for South East Asian teams. With the current lull in Dota 2 esports LANs, South East Asian Dota 2 fans have something to look forward to. With a prize pool of € 5,000 EUR, there are many local teams vying to win this tournament.

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This is one of the last few tournaments to be played on the current Dota 2 patch. With hours of experience under their belt, teams will be looking forward to establishing their dominance and securing their lead when it comes to SEA Dota. There are a few new rosters attending this tournament. We have detailed the information regarding the tournament and some of the top teams for the event.

Details of the X-Bet.co Rampage Series #5

  • Tournament Name: X-Bet.co Rampage Series
  • Organiser: Epulze
  • Sponsor: X-Bet.co
  • Number of Teams:  16
  • Prize Pool: € 5,000 EUR
  • Date: 13th May to 23rd May 2019
  • Tournament Type: Online

The Champions of the previous event, Neon Esports will be attending the event. Twelve teams have received a direct invite to the tournament. The remaining four teams have secured their spot via Open Qualifiers.

The tournament is sponsored by X-bet.co and they are featuring a prize pool of € 5,000 EUR. The prize pool will be divided amongst the first 7 teams. However, there is also an opportunity for the remaining teams to walk away with some prizes of their own.

The X-Bet.co Rampage Series #5 began on the 13th of May. The sixteen teams play in Best of Three matches in the Upper Stage. However, the losers of the opening match do have another chance to make it further in the tournament via the lower bracket. With the first round of matches over, we already have a few teams eliminated from the tournament.

The two teams which are the favourites to win the tournament

Geek Fam



Geek Fam is a relatively new team as they had a massive overhaul of their roster in the first ten days of May 2019. They dropped their previous roster and their current lineup is one which can truly be considered to be a top tier team in the South East Asian region.

The Geek Fam Roster:


  • Marc Polo Luis ‘Raven’ Fausto
  • Chai “Mushi” Yee Fung
  • Rolen Andrei Gabriel “Skemberlu” Ong
  • Kenny “Xepher” Deo
  • Prieme Ejay “PlayHard” Banquil

Some of the players on this roster already have experience playing with each other. Mushi and Xepher were together on Tigers. Raven and Skem were a part of Team Lotac until March 2019. There are groups of players within the team who have experience playing with each other. Now the biggest challenge for this roster will be to devise new strategies and master them in time for the tournament.

Mushi will lead the team and help them develop new and innovative strategies for the tournament

With Mushi leading the team, there is no doubt that they have a strong taskmaster leading their roster. His experience will help the younger players streamline their communications and their synergy with each other. In a game like Dota 2, it is extremely important for the teams to have a thorough understanding of the overall team strategy.

Mushi has been instrumental in the development of many teams in the local scene. His experience playing on some of the biggest Dota 2 teams and at the top of the scene is what makes him invaluable for this roster. With Mushi leading the team, the other players often get enough space to secure their farm and items at a fast pace. We have not yet seen the full extent of this team’s performance, but X-Bet.co Rampage Series #5 will provide us with a decent overview of the Geek Fam‘s future.

Neon Esports


Neon Gaming Logo
The Neon Gaming roster is one of the prominent teams at the X-Bet.co Rampage Series #5

Neon Esports are the reigning champions of the X-Bet.co Rampage Series. This year’s roster is quite similar to that of the previous tournament with the exception of RR replacing Playhard on the team.

The Neon Esports Roster:

Neon Gaming roster [ December 2018]
The Neon Gaming roster from December 2018. They have added RR and Abeng to their team in April 2019
  • Christian-John Skadilicious Abasolo
  • Marc Marc Mamales
  • Rafael Rapy Sicat Palo
  • Ralph Richard “RR” Peñano
  • Abeng “Abeng” Dicdican

After their victory at X-Bet.co Rampage Series #4 in February 2019, the team has secured multiple tournament victories. Some of their wins include Asia Pro League Season 2, JoinDota League Season 15 Asia, Dota 2 Rainbow Cup, Dota 2 Rainbow Cup Season 2. Prior to the previous edition, they also lost 1:2 to Mineski in the Grand finals of Dreamhack Mumbai 2018.

Neon Esports is a Philippine team and is slowly rising up the ranks in the International scene. However, they have not been able to make a bigger impact outside of their comfort zone. Their attempt to secure a spot for the upcoming EPICENTER Major was thwarted by Geek Fam who is a participant in the upcoming closed qualifiers for the Dota 2 Major.

NEON esports will almost definitely have to face Geek Fam as they proceed further in the tournament. The outcome of that particular series would be the foreshadowing for the overall outcome of the entire tournament.

The X-Bet.co Rampage Series #5 will determine the rankings in the SEA region.


The is still underway and will conclude on the 23rd of May 2019. It is an online tournament, so teams should be able to play at the comfort of their homes/practice zones. While the Dota 2 Major qualifiers are still underway, the local South East Asian teams will be competing in this tournament. The event is streamed live on Twitch and you can catch all the action live on Twitch here.


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