EE’s Team Zero Stops Quincy Crew’s Dota 2 Run

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EternalEnvy’s Team Zero stopped Quincy Crew in its tracks with a 3-2 finish in the Dota Summit 13: Online North America. 

Team Zero started the Grand Finals strong winning the first two games and taking an early lead in the grand finals. Eternal Envy’s rosters are infamous for their short lifespans. BananaSlamJamma asked EternalEnvy in the post-game interview:

“Team Zero, two months… Before or After”?

Having just won a tournament it was no surprise to see EternalEnvy answer they are going to stick it out for some time. They had just put a stop to Quincy Crew’s unbeaten (till now) North American Dota 2 run.

The Dota Summit Online 13 Americas. 

Game 1 ended early with Team Zero picking unconventional heroes like Riki to secure their lead. The team’s performance was based on a strong early-game. Moo on his Chen and Brax’s Mars dominated the early game for Team Zero. Eventually, the lead was just too big for Quincy Crew to think about staging a comeback. Team Zero showed their late-game in Game 2 with an Eternalenvy’s Spectre. 

The Quincy Crew is an experienced roster, especially when it comes to North American Grand finals. The team has been a part of the last ten Grand finals, with Dota Summit 13 being its 11th. They took the next two games, providing an exciting finish to the final Dota Summit regional event.

The final game saw EternalEnvy’s Void push through with a lot of farm and an early peak. In true Envy fashion, Envy would push through alone into five enemy heroes. Fortunately, he had his team to back him up everytime and a masterful performance by Ryoya helped Team Zero win its first Dota 2 tournament. and Motivate.Trust Gaming won the EU/CIS and the Southeast Asian segments of Dota Summit Online 13 respectively. 

New Dota 2 Stack Featuring SumaiL and former Virtus Pro Roster

SumaiL will play EPIC League with the former Virtus Pro stack. 

SumaiL has been without a Dota 2 team for quite some time now. He joined Team OG earlier this year, but the coronavirus pandemic means that the team could not play together and achieve consistency. SuumaiL left Team OG in July and has been searching for a new roster ever since. He has now joined a bunch of CIS players including many from the former Virtus Pro roster. 

The EPIC League Season 2 kicks off on November 11 and has a $500,000 prize pool. The tournament will feature some of the best Dota 2 teams ina diction and if the WePlay! Season 1 was any indication, will have top tier production. 

According to Ben ‘Noxville’ Steenhuisen, this stack will bypass straight into the playoffs for a Division 1 slot. While we still don’t have the details about how this system would work, it is exciting to see some of the biggest names in Dota 2 come together on this new roster. 

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